An intro to Sendchamp Guide 👏
​Sendchamp is a multi-channel communication platform for businesses and developers in Africa. With Sendchamp, you can seamlessly send messages to customers/users across SMS, WhatsApp, Email and Voice and other messaging channels using our APIs and a super simple but powerful dashboard.
We are helping businesses send & receive messages, verify customer and retain customers through multiple messaging channels.
This guide is a work in progress. It helps to explain some of Sendchamp’s concepts in clear terms.
API Reference is here​
Sendchamp Dashboard is here​
Our Marketing Dashboard to send marketing campaigns and support your customers across channels is here​
Postman Collection For quicker test, you can import our postman collection here and test available APIs on Postman
Support & Developer Community
If there is something you are not clear about or can’t find, please send an email to [email protected]. or drop a message on our community platform on Slack​
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