An intro to Sendchamp Guide 👏
Sendchamp is a multi-channel communication platform for businesses and developers in Africa. With Sendchamp, you can seamlessly send messages to customers/users across SMS, WhatsApp, Email and Voice and other messaging channels using our APIs and a super simple but powerful dashboard.
We are helping businesses send & receive messages, verify customer and retain customers through multiple messaging channels.
This guide is a work in progress. It helps to explain some of Sendchamp’s concepts in clear terms.
API Reference is here
Sendchamp Dashboard is here
Our Marketing Dashboard to send marketing campaigns and support your customers across channels is here
Postman Collection For quicker test, you can import our postman collection here and test available APIs on Postman
Support & Developer Community
If there is something you are not clear about or can’t find, please send an email to hel[email protected]. or drop a message on our community platform on Slack
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