WhatsApp Template

Go to the WhatsApp channel and click on overview and navigate to Create WhatsApp Templates.

A preview of what a Message Template looks like.

Choose your category, name, and language.

  • Category: Choose which type of template you'd like to create. You can hover over the template types to view details for each template.

  • Name: Enter name of the template.

  • Language: Choose the language your message template will include.

Add your content in additional settings. add a sample template by clicking the Add Sample button. This helps Sendchamp during the review and approval process. You can edit text formats, add emojis, or include variables, which allow a developer to add unique information such as specific names, locations, or tracking numbers when inputting the templates into the API. The variables are shown in the above example as {{1}} {{2}} and {{3}}.

When completed, click Submit.

Your template will now be sent for review. The status of your template is viewable under Message Templates.

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